Our Mission & Vision

The traditional 'Chalk & Talk' method of imparting education is resplaced by an effort to discover and nurture the special gifts of each student and inspiring one to attain peak potential through academic and co-curricular activities. A directional stress on enthusiastic participation, development of team spirit and sharpening of motor skills are some of the specific areas, that are emphasised upon by:
»  Providing Quality education and creating a zest for learning.

»  Broadening mental horizons and creating a deeper awareness of the self.

»  Ensuring physical, mental and spiritual growth.

»  Channelising youthful energy towords the environment and society with a positive and      friendly attitude.

»  Preparing the child to face the complexities of life with courage and lead a disciplined      life.

»  Laying a strong emphasis on character building.

»  Inculcating ethical and moral values in a child by providing an appropriate moral and      culture enviroment.

The Motto of the School is VIDYA DADATI VINYAM